Thursday, October 31, 2013

How to get Volatility working with OS X Mavericks?

Update: The Volatility Team has included my code changes so just grab the latest code to work on a Mavericks or 10.8.5 sample. You will still need the profiles below.

Until Volatility officially supports OS X Mavericks and Mountain Lion 10.8.5, here are the steps to get it going:

  1. Check out the latest Volatility code from the repository (v2.3):
  2. svn checkout volatility-read-only
  3. Download the following files and place them in their respective folders:
  4. Mavericks_10.9_AMD.zipvolatility-read-only/volatility/plugins/overlays/mac/
  5. And you should be done! It looks like only the check_trap_table plugin has issues, but that should be taken care of soon. Have fun!

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